Dancing in the Rain

We have had some pretty strong storms this past week here in Missouri. One particular burst of rain happened during the first quarter of our football game. Fortunately I had with me an umbrella big enough to cover nearly a third of the stadium. I needed one that coordinated with my brown jacket and found one with “gold” stamped on the package and then realized after I opened it at home that it actually said “golf.” So much for Lasik eye surgery.

But as I sat at the game, I thought back to my first storm without my husband. He had passed away about three months before the big winds and rain hit. The electricity had gone off and candles were everywhere but they did nothing to calm my fears as shingle after shingle flew off the roof and thudded like wounded birds on the lawn. I remember wondering “Will it always be like this? Will I always huddle on the sofa and feel so frightened of everything that comes my way?” I knew that if he had been there, my husband would have grinned and winked and said “It’s a big one, isn’t it Nance.” and I would have been reassured instantly. But he wasn’t there nor would he be coming back so I pulled the afghan up around me, prayed silently, and waited for the storm to pass.

That has been three years ago and the “storms” have continued to hit with a vicious force. One “storm” was an empty propane tank on the coldest night of the year. Another was a vehicle that flatly refused to ever run again. Still another was a major financial decision that needed to be made immediately. Storm after storm after storm. And what is the answer?

I read an anonymous quote the other day that said “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I love it! Let the rain fall (which one of us could stop it?)…let the winds blow. The amazing thing that I have discovered is that even though I may be drenched again and again, the Lord not only gives me strength to get through the storms but He also gives me a peace in knowing that He is in control no matter what comes my way. Psalm 149:3 says “Let them praise his name with dancing…” Think I might just do that…in the rain.

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