The Father’s Day Winner

Today is Father’s Day. A wonderful idea, having a day set aside for fathers. A great way to show them how much they are loved throughout the year. What man doesn’t need one more tie with the picture of a golf ball on a tee with “Tee’d off that you got this tie, Dad? Happy Father’s Day!” underneath it. But it’s a hard day for those children whose fathers have passed away, like my three children.

I sat in church today and listened to the contest we have every year: oldest dad present (we had one who was 92), grandfather who would admit to babysitting the most grandkids at one time by himself (the brave man in that category watched 5 kids). My husband would not have won either of those categories; nor would he have won the other ones: dad with the longest arm, grandfather who had jumped rope with a grandchild most recently, or father who would admit to burning down his tent while camping with his son (I don’t make these up…I just report them!).

But my children knew that their dad would have won several other categories hands down. For example, dad who could burn French toast but still make it taste good. Or dad who could come home from work exhausted yet somehow find the energy to shoot a basketball with his daughter for 2 hours. What about dad who used his coon hunting money to buy his son a bicycle or dad who went to every freezing cold high school football game for four years simply because his daughter was a cheerleader.

Oh, I know those are not categories that you would probably ever see at a Father’s Day contest at church. But in our household, there was a clear winner for every one. I can sum it up by telling you that one Father’s Day, all three of our children gave their dad a card that said “Dad, when we grow up, we want to be just like you.” It doesn’t get any better than that.
Happy Father’s Day.

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