Not Again!

What a strange feeling…almost 4 years to the day and it happened again! No electricity and I am alone. No husband to get a fire going in the fireplace. No voice to tease “It’s gonna come back on in a little bit, Nance. Aren’t you always telling me that candles are romantic?”

Some things haven’t changed: the fireplace still refuses to allow its contents to be lit to warm the living room which in turn leaves only two barely-burning candles that have just enough of a wick to chase the shadows back into their corners.

But tonight I notice something different – subtle, yes, but most definitely a change: there is a peace deep inside of me that wasn’t there four years ago. I am still grieving over my loss and missing my husband as much as before. But the fear of the future and what it might hold has been replaced with a conviction that absolutely nothing happens to us that does not first pass through our Father’s Hands.

“My hope is built on nothing less…”

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