A Blessed Thanksgiving

I always hesitate to say “Happy Thanksgiving!” I know that happiness is temporary while joy is permanent. I guess I could say “Joyful Thanksgiving!” but I think people would wonder if I am losing it. I wonder that myself many days without additional opinions to confirm it!

My cup truly does overflow this Thanksgiving. My son is home for the day, my daughters, husbands and grandchildren will be here this evening, my home is warm, my health is great. But there is one precious blessing that guides me EVERY day: the One who went from God to Father to Daddy on one August afternoon in 2005 has never left my side for a second. He guides, directs, encourages, and blesses me on this journey as a widow.

I listened to a sermon a few months ago in which the minister suggested that each of us write a prayer that we offer to the Lord each and every morning. Not words that we say as a ritual but rather an offering to our Father. May I share mine with you this Thanksgiving:

I arise today, Father, because You have allowed it and caused it to be so.

I want my life to be centered on the things that matter: that You be glorified, that I be worthy of Your calling, that the desire of my heart is to be filled and fulfilled by You, that the power within me comes from You and You alone. I do not want anyone to see Nancy Hughes…I want them to see Jesus and Him alone. Because You have allowed me to arise today, Father, and caused it to be so. Amen.

Because of Christ, I am blessed. May each of you have a joyful, blessed Thanksgiving.

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