A Blessed Christmas to You All

At exactly 2:34 a.m. this morning I heard the sound. It wasn’t hard to miss because it came from somewhere about 6″ from my face: “Aaaahhhh Grandma!” accompanied by another sound that mom’s and grandma’s all over the world know too well. THAT sound occurs when a child has eaten way too much candy…need I say more.

Two clean sheets, three blankets and new pajamas later, parents and child and grandma are all back in their beds. But I find myself unable to get back to sleep. Not because of the previous incident…I’m a nurse and my granddaughter is fine. I am just unable to turn off my mind.

I replay other Christmas mornings in my mind and find myself smiling. My husband, who was not a morning person, somehow managed to be out of bed before anyone else, dressed and ready for the day. He not only woke up our family but called several close relatives to wish them a Merry Christmas. Not all were as “merry” as he was that early in the morning but it didn’t matter to him. He would make a pot of coffee, I would bake our traditional butter braid, and the kids would hurry through their breakfast because of the gifts of love under our tree.

But before that happened, we read Luke 2 together: God becoming man…in a dirty manger…with a teenage mother…for the world…for each of us. After we were through we would pray together and then open presents. This was our tradition, year after year, in the Hughes household.

That tradition changed five Christmas’s ago when LeRoy passed away. Today my son will read Luke 2 and we will pray and gifts will be opened. But praise the Lord, the Christmas story remains the same: God becoming man…in a dirty manger…with a teenage mother…for the world…for each of us.

My best wishes to you all as you celebrate the miracle of Christmas!

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