Sock It To Me (Or How Zumba Changed My Life)

I have always loved to exercise…well, let me clarify that…not LOVED to all the time, but recognized the NEED to exercise. And I think I’ve found the perfect form of exercise: Zumba. It’s exercising to music with a funky, crazy, Latin/Spanish/twist/hopping/belly dancing way to get back in shape. I go twice a week and stand on the front row…not because I’m really good at it and want others to notice but rather because I want to clearly see the two instructors who are on stage showing the rest of us the latest moves that go with the music.
I’ve been going to Zumba for over a year and was beginning to wonder just how much difference it would make in my figure when I stepped on the scales and found myself down a dress size…wow! I thought it couldn’t get any better than that…but it did.
A few days ago I was in my usual front row spot and was twisting and belly dancing my way through the music when I felt something inside the back of my exercise pants. I thought “Good grief! I have a sock in my pants.” That has happened to me before when I’ve pulled something from the dryer and realized that I had not added the anti-static sheet. As I danced away, my options were narrowed down to two obvious choices: first, I could run to the bathroom and pull the sock out or secondly, I could just wait until I got home before removing it. Not wanting to miss any of the music, I chose the second option and silently prayed that no one would notice.
I could hardly wait to get home and get rid of the offending sock! I ran to my bedroom and pulled down my exercise pants…only to realize that there was no sock there! Instead, I found that Zumba had paid off even more than I realized. What I felt in my slacks was actually my derriere! Over the course of the last year of Zumba, it had moved back into its proper place. I’m not exactly sure where it had been but it doesn’t matter. All I know is that the lost is found…all thanks to Zumba!

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