Rushing + Razor = 1 1/2 Results

I saw a great little device on television the other day and immediately drove to the store and made my $9.95 purchase. It was a razor – a tiny razor – that ran on a triple “A” battery. What it did (or was supposed to do) was marvelous: it could shave the little hairs that mysteriously appeared on my upper lip or between my eyebrows or on my chin! No plucking – ouch! No waxing – double ouch! Just zip and it was done. Easy? Absolutely! Quick? Done in seconds! What could possibly go wrong? Nothing…unless you were in a hurry and tried to use this “great little device.”

Two days later I was getting ready for my job and running late. As I made one final inspection of my  makeup before I left, I noticed about 8 unruly hairs above my left eyebrow. Each had a mind of its own, heading in 8 completely different directions! I was thinking “Now what?” when I remembered the razor. Within seconds the hairs would be gone from my face and I would be gone to my job. Grabbing the razor, I turned it on and quickly positioned myself to shave the hairs when the unthinkable happened: my arm slipped.

Oh, the 8 hairs were gone in an instant…but so was half my left eyebrow! I’m sure I raised BOTH my eyebrows in astonishment at what had happened…but only the right eyebrow was visible in the mirror! The left one could not respond to the look of shock on my face because half of it wasn’t there.

At first the realization of what had happened threatened to turn into tears of frustration but my sense of humor prevailed. I contemplated (briefly) shaving off half of the other eyebrow and telling people it was a new style. Then I considered restyling my hair and doing a Donald Trump comb-over so that half of my bangs would cover half of my eyebrow. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and I dug in a drawer to find an old but usable eyebrow pencil. At that point it didn’t matter that it was dark brown and I am blonde. All I knew was that an eyebrow needed to appear quickly above my left eye.

I made it to work with three seconds to spare, two eyebrows on my face, and one important lesson in my head: never rush with a razor! And I memorized a great Scripture, should this ever happen again: Proverbs 31:25 (NIV) “…she can laugh at the days to come.” Even with one and a half eyebrows.

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