Dreaming This Christmas

It’s late. All the kids and grandkids are in bed, waiting for daylight and Christmas morning. I am curled up in my oversized recliner, thinking about our evening. We began a new tradition tonight. For years my sisters, brother and I along with our spouses, children and grandchildren have gotten together on December 24 for food and fun. But our increasing numbers along with obligations to be away with the other family members during this special time of year necessitated our decision to each spend Christmas eve with our respective families.

At first I was very disappointed. I’m a huge believer in tradition. But I realized that, just as we started our tradition many years ago of getting together with extended family, we could now begin a new one – again. And we did.

We sat on the floor around a huge brown suede box called “The Dream Box.” Inside were sheets with “My Dream” at the top and each year from 2010 to 2015 printed underneath. Each person grabbed a paper along with a pen and after a lot of careful consideration, wrote down their dream for the new year. We then shared that dream with each other. A few dreams may be a little hard to realize - training to be on the U.S. soccer team comes to mind – while others were ones that perhaps could be easily attainable: increasing jogging time from 6 to 10 minutes on the treadmill. Other dreams focused on being  a better husband and father, and being a stronger Christian example to others.

What is your dream this Christmas? I believe that God has placed one inside each of us. Perhaps, like me, you would like to have a book published. Maybe you want to be a missionary outside the U.S. or maybe your heart is longing to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. Whatever it is, I encourage you to write it down and keep your dream for a year. Pray about it each day, asking the Lord to direct your path (Jeremiah 29:11-14) and to show you what He has in mind for you and your dream. He is faithful, this Father of ours.

Merry Christmas from our “House of Dreams” to yours!

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