When the Heart Speaks Love

Almost a year ago I attended a Christian writer’s conference and had the privilege of sitting in on a discussion led by a young woman who is an editor for a well-known U.S. publishing company.  She was giving us tips for publishing our work and encouraging us as we soaked up everything we could about writing and publishing.

I was ready with pen in hand to take notes as quickly as possible but, after opening the session with prayer, this young woman spoke about what was uppermost on her heart:

There was a children’s author for their publishing company– a young mother named Steffany Woolsey – who had found out that she had cancer, brain cancer. A life full of laughter and love with her husband and two small sons was now forced to include an uninvited guest – cancer – into their home and lives.

As the editor spoke about some of the details – surgery, chemo, radiation – I also heard something else in her voice. Hope. Hope in Christ.

I found myself praying for Steffany Woolsey, that the Ultimate Healer would indeed take that cancer out of her body and throw it into the farthest sea. But at the same time, I praised God for this young woman who felt in her Spirit that she needed to share  Steffany’s cancer and life. She spoke out of a heart of love for a Sister in Christ and what she and her family were facing.

A jewelry company has created a necklace with the logo “Be Still” on it. The cost is $90.00. The net proceeds will go to Steffany to help with her expenses. I will treasure my necklace and it will also serve as a reminder to lift her up each day.

Please pray for Steffany and if the Lord puts it on your heart, order a necklace from this company. The website is https://nashelle.com/shop/product/be-still-necklace

Facing this battle, I can think of no other Scripture that is more appropriate than Psalms 46:10 (NIV) “Be still and know that I am God…”

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