The Strength We Need

Several days ago I visited a friend who is a recent widow and struggling with her future and that of her children. I prayed with her for strength to get through each day and courage to face what is ahead.

As I drove home I could not stop thinking about her so I approached our Father once again and lifted her entire family up to Him. I just kept thinking about the strength that she is going to need in the days and weeks ahead. When my husband passed away, my children were no longer living at home. She has the responsibility of taking care of three boys as well as herself.

As I finished praying, I asked the Lord to show me Scripture that I could read before I went to bed. I waited a few minutes and “Ezekiel” came to mind. I thought “Ezekiel? Why in the world would THAT come to mind, Lord?” (You would think I’d learn…right?). I prayed “What chapter and verse, Lord?” but nothing came…just “Ezekiel.”
So I went to the kitchen and opened my Bible to Ezekiel, not knowing where to turn. I felt directed to the beginning of the book so I started with the introduction of Ezekiel and read very first sentence: “The name Ezekiel means “God strengthens.”

HE is the one who gives me strength, who gives my friend strength and who gives you strength. How neat is that! I didn’t know the meaning of Ezekiel and, quite honestly, I hadn’t gone there very often to read but He knew that I needed to be reminded of His strength in everything that my friend is facing, that I am facing, that you are facing.
Ezekiel comes to mind a lot now…God strengthens…I am SO glad that I don’t have to do this on my own and neither do you.

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