The First of Many New Memories

I sold my home 5 months ago. It was a very hard decision emotionally. My husband and I had lived there for 20 years and had planned on retiring on our six acres and raising goats (his idea) and grandchildren (my idea).

After he passed away, my home became a house. Oh yes, a house full of memories – and good memories – but without him to tease and joke with, it was transformed quietly into a place to live.

We had so many firsts there: Our soon-to-be first son-in-law asked permission to marry our youngest daughter in the living room of that house. A few years later, we found out that our first grandchild was on the way as we stood in the yard by the light pole that our first daughter hit, not once, but multiple times.

All three children left home for the first time to go to college and then returned home for the first time to live with us for a few months as they changed jobs.

We added on to the house for the first time so my mother-in-law could move in with us when she developed major health issues.

My heart will always love the memory of first time my husband and I decided to pray together every morning before we left for work.

I remember the first red bird that arrived to rip our screen door, the first skunk that hid in the shed, and the first cat (“Ed”) that my husband accidentally ran over with his truck.

The memory of the first time I hid our stuffed Santa in the hall closet and scared my husband when he opened the door always makes me smile. (I still feel kind of bad about that one but it didn’t cost a lot to get his glasses fixed or the wall repaired where he hit it when he fell.) It was also the first time I heard my husband’s deep voice hit such a high note.

But now I have a new first: the first moment when you realize that it’s okay to make a change in your life and, in fact, a change that you know that your husband would approve. So I prayed about selling my home, prayed for the right family to buy it, and prayed for a home for me.

God is so faithful. A great family bought my house and I was able to purchase a smaller one, too.

There will be new memories with this house as it becomes my new home and I have no doubt that there will be a first or two in the years ahead as my family and I make new memories. But I am concerned that somehow in the move, our stuffed Santa disappeared. I am just hoping that I don’t open a closet door and have my first surprise in my new home.

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