Scavenger Hunt, Anyone?

One of the best times I remember having as a teen was going on a scavenger hunt with friends. We had a list of things that didn’t really go together but had to be retrieved in order to win a prize. Things like “hair off Grandpa Dale’s head” and “get a quarter from someone parked at Simone’s Drive-In” topped the list. Whoever got everything collected first would race back to a pre-determined spot and would wait for everyone else, gloating over the win.
Recently I had the joy of experiencing a scavenger hunt again…at Wal-Mart. Our local store began rearranging everything on shelves and in aisles. This was done, I was told, so products would be easier for shoppers to find and our store would be more in line with how other Wal-Mart stores were arranged. Sounded good to me: no matter where I happened to go, I could walk into a Wal-Mart and everything would be in the very same place. For this directionally-challenged person, that was a dream come true!

I had a great time during my first visit after the changes. I also think that I spent twice what I had planned. For example, when I went to the cereal aisle and found chips instead, I thought that I might as well get a bag or two. Looking for a can of corn took me to the candy aisle and who could resist that?
Not everyone shared my thrill of the hunt. One woman was walking up and down aisle after aisle and after about 5 minutes, looked heavenward as if needing divine help in her search.
Thinking I could be of assistance, I asked “Are you looking for something?” to which she responded “Seriously? Are you kidding?” and then followed that with a huge sigh and a “Sorry. Plastic bags. I need plastic bags. They are not in the store anywhere! Why would they get rid of plastic bags?”
“Where were they before the changes?”
“Where the soda pop is now.”
“So maybe they are where the soda pop was…”
“Nope…already checked.”
A Wal-Mart employee walked by and I couldn’t resist: “Hey, I’ll give you $5.00 to find plastic bags for this lady.” I know he didn’t realize it was a contest but to me, the hunt was on. I was determined to win at all costs; however, ten minutes later, I heard a “I’ve found them!” declaration and the employee held up the box of plastic bags. He politely declined the money prize and stated that it was a pleasure to help a customer.
That was okay with me. Because when I went to the peanut butter aisle, I found the juice aisle…

Gotta love a scavenger hunt!

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